4 Eylül 2020

Cost calculation of unmanned aerial vehicle payload transportation with selected RC Jet Engine

ile Ümit YELKEN

Nowadays, payload transportation is carried out using unmanned aerial vehicles. New studies are emerging both in the field of defense industry and in the civil field. In order to calculate these costs and determine design criteria, I developed a software that performs technical calculations and deducts costs for an aircraft flying using kerosene. In this software, the average airfoil profile values ​​were used with the references I got from some articles, and the calculation was made as cd = 0.1 cl = 1.2. The wing total area is taken as 1m2. For reference to calculation, the engine “AMT Pegasus with 16-17 Kg of Thrust Micro Turbine” has been defined. If you want, you can enter the features of the RC Jet engine you want to use as input to the software. Assuming that the rpm values ​​and the fuel consumption value of the RC jet engine changed linearly, the calculation was made.