15 Temmuz 2015

2014 ARISAT CDR and PDR Reports – Cansat Competition

ile Ümit YELKEN

Hi guys;

I want to share our presentation to Cansat Competition. We were taking place in the first five rankings with these presentation.  We had bad position in CDR scorelist because we wrote wrong file name. Be careful about rules.

About our cansat, all details are in pdr and cdr.

More details to Cansat Competition please visit cansatcompetition.com


PDR ScoreList: CanSat-2014-Team-5524-PDR-Scoresheet-

Our CDR:Cansat2014_Team_ARISAT_5524_CDR_v1.pdf

CDR ScoreSheet:CanSat-2014-CDR-Scoresheet-Team-5524

Have a good day guys.